Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Endless Melancholy - Oceanmixes

Endless Melancholy - Oceanmixes

Genre: Ambient/Modern Classical/Electronic
Country: International

01. Like Ships Without Anchors
02. As The Ocean Dragged Them In (Siavash Amini Remix)
03. Standing Still Before The Ocean (Audio Obscura Remix)
04. Broken Ocean Mirror (Equal Stones Remix)
05. Unto The Boundless Ocean Of Thy Beauty (Desolate Horizons Remix)
06. The Seventh Ocean (Musicformessier Remix)
07. Dirty Ocean (Gamardah Fungus Remix)

"Oceanmixes" is a collection of remixes and reworks of Endless Melancholy compositions. 
Thanks to all of the musicians who participated. 

List of artists involved: 
1. Siavash Amini 

2. Audio Obscura 

3. Equal Stones 

4. Desolate Horizons 

5. Musicformessier 

6. Gamardah Fungus

Artwork by Constantine Horizon

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