Monday, November 30, 2015

Desolate Horizons / Endless Melancholy - Deep As The Dark Blue Sea

Desolate Horizons / Endless Melancholy - Deep As The Dark Blue Sea

Genre: Ambient/Modern Classical/Drone
Country: Russian Federation/Ukraine

01. Endless Melancholy - Still 
02. Endless Melancholy - A Giant Wave 
03. Endless Melancholy - The Air Here Is Written With You 
04. Endless Melancholy - Reflections 
05. Endless Melancholy - Like An Old Memory We Are Washed Ashore 
06. Desolate Horizons - From Whence We Came 
07. Desolate Horizons - The World Slips Away as We Dance in the Fire
08. Desolate Horizons - Like Whispers Lost at Sea, We Soar
09. Desolate Horizons - Your Echoes Drift Through Me Like Waves Caressing the Shores
10. Desolate Horizons - We're Coming Home Now

' is then that I look up and I see — I — see it: the sea. For the first time, after days and days, I really see it. And I hear its immense voice and powerful smell and, inside, its unstoppable dance, an infinite wave. Everything disappears and nothing remains but the sea, before me, upon me. A revelation. The pall of anguish and fear that has gripped my soul fades away, the web of infamy, cruelty, and horror that has ravished my eyes falls apart, the shadow of death that has devoured my mind dissolves, and in the sudden light of an unexpected clarity I finally see, and hear, and understand. The sea. It had seemed a spectator, even silent, even an accomplice. It had seemed a frame, a stage set, a backdrop. Now I look at it and I see: the sea was everything. It was everything, right from the first moment. I see it dancing around me, sumptuous in an icy light, a marvelous, infinite world. The sea was in the hands that killed, in the dead who were dying, the sea was in the hunger and thirst, the sea was in the torment, in the baseness and the madness, the sea was the hatred and the desperation, mercy and sacrifice, the sea is this blood and this meat, the sea is this horror and this splendor. There is no raft, there are no men, there are no words, feelings, gestures, nothing. There are no guilty and no innocent, condemned and saved. 
There is only the sea. All things have become the sea.' 

Alessandro Baricco, 'Ocean Sea' 

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