Friday, January 29, 2016

Endless Melancholy - A Quiet Recollection

Endless Melancholy - A Quiet Recollection

Genre: Modern Classical/Ambient/Instrumental
Country: Ukraine
Label: 1631 Recordings
Release date: 12 February 2016

01. Leave 
02. We Have Met Before 
03. Nostalgia 
04. November (video edit) 
05. Unsaid 
06. Silent Dawn, Grey Twilight 
07. Vanishing Whispers (feat. Creation VI) 
08. Amber 
09. Their Hearts Erased 
10. Burial, When the Sun Sets

Description: A digital compilation of Endless Melancholy best tracks, prepared for 1631 Recordings label. Contains chosen compositions from most of the previous releases, as well as one previously unreleased composition 'Unsaid'.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Endless Melancholy - Winter Outtakes

Endless Melancholy - Winter Outtakes

Genre: Ambient
Country: Ukraine

01. Shine, Always
02. When I'm With You
03. A Neverending Descent

Description: 'Winter Outtakes' is a collection of the compilation tracks and unreleased demos, that haven't had a chance to appear on any of releases. Soon it appeared that they perfectly match together and form a nice winter EP. 

'Shine, Always' is a track originally composed for 'Discovery 1' compilation from French label soft and released in digital via this label January 2015. Check it out here: 

'When I'm With You' is a track recorded during 'Her Name In A Language Of Stars' sessions, but left out of the tracklist. 

'A Neverending Descent' is a track initially recorded for the album 'Her Name In A Language Of Stars', but it didn't make it to the final tracklist. Afterwards, it was given for 'We Are Invisible Now, Vol. 2' compilation, released December 2015. Check it out here:

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

SiJ - Way To Dream

SiJ - Way To Dream

Genre: Ambient/Modern Classical
Label: Hidden Vibes

01. When She Comes Ashore 
02. It Was Early Morning 
03. ...with Her Timid Movements
04. Way To Dream (Anna) 
05. Involuntary Emotion 
06. Tears In Rain 
07. Sunset Afterglow
08. A Night Like This Will Never Come Again In Your Life 
09. Time To Dream 
10. Birth Of Life 
11. Lullaby 
12. Deep In Dreams

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