Sunday, June 22, 2014

Endless Melancholy - Wherever

Endless Melancholy - Wherever

Genre: Modern Classical
Country: Ukraine
Label: Hidden Vibes

01. Wherever
02. Somewhere

Description:  This is the first single from an upcoming Endless Melancholy - "Fragile" album, which is supposed to be released until the end of 2014. "Wherever" and "Somewhere" will be an opener and a closer of an album respectively. 

PLEASE, NOTE: This is actually a fundraising activity. By purchasing this single you're helping me to fund one of my all-time dreams - having Endless Melancholy released on vinyl. The album is actually already recorded, but its release date depends on how fast I'll be able to collect the amount of money needed to make it happen. The faster I have the necessary amount, or at least a big part of it - the sooner I'll be able to order the production. 

Every donation is a small step toward the goal and is highly appreciated. 
Everyone, who donates 25$ and more will receive some pleasant benefits: 
1) His name listed in "Special thanks" section to an album, both on digital release page and on a physical package; 
2) Free digital download of a full Endless Melancholy - "Fragile" album two weeks before the actual release date; 
3) A LP sent to his address once everything is done with no additional expenses. 

Thank you all!

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