Thursday, February 23, 2012

Subterrestrial - Echotron

Subterrestrial - Echotron

Genre: Ambient/Electronic
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps 
Country: USA
Size: 106 Mb
Side A
01. Echotron
02. Dark Matter
03. Migration
04. Sky Anomaly
05. Silk Road

Side B
06. Blues For Herbie
07. Seaside Holiday
08. Poolside Favourite 
09. Terrarium
10.Sam Spade

Description: Just got a request of posting Subterrestrial latest album. Not exactly my cup of tea, but you may check the description by artist and give it a try. Have a nice exploration!
"Echotron" is a unique mix of deep ambient soundscapes and retro lounge/exotica tracks featuring analog synths and drum machines. The tracks are arranged like an LP with the ambient material on "Side A" while "Side B" features the more beat-oriented tracks. Depending on your musical interests you're bound to enjoy at least one side of this "virtual LP," maybe both?

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