Monday, February 20, 2012

Lights Dim - Starlit Corners of Our Homes

Lights Dim - Starlit Corners of Our Homes

Genre: Ambient/Modern Classical
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps 
Country: Poland
Label: Preserved Sound

01. Plunge
02. Surfacing
03. Cinema Hall
04. Moth
05. Song of Winter 
06. Love of Trains
07. Goodbye Lover
08. Stockholm
09. Finally, I...
10. Cold Room
11. Peter Falk
12. Belated Light

Description: after visiting a show of this artist I couldn't help dropping a few words about his music, because it is very expressive, yet minimalistic, as most of ambient is. So, Lights Dim is a solo project of Marek Kamiński (also New Century Classics). Starlit Corners of Our Homes is an album, that has been recorded and mixed in jan/feb 2010 and contains ambient-based compositions with involvement of piano. Probably nothing new to modern classical genre, but this record is not about inventing new things, it is about expressing authors feelings in a very warm, romantic and melancholic way. 
Unfortunately, there's no free download option, but you may stream album for free and consider supporting artist by following links:

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