Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blurry Lights - A Romantic Dream

Blurry Lights - A Romantic Dream

Genre: Post-Rock/Ambient/Instrumental
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: Russian Federation
Size: 96 Mb

01. Coming Home - An Introduction
02. We All Die But Not Tonight
03. In The Light Of Stars
04. Fresh Air
05. A Dreamy Night (Interlude)
06. Our Destiny
07. A Romantic Dream
08. If Only I Could See Your Smile
09. Our Last Dance
10. Orange Autumn | Facebook | Bandcamp | Download

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Various Artists - We Need a Voice

Various Artists - We Need a Voice

Genre: Post-Rock/Ambient
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: International
Label: AZH Music

01. unsigned char [UA] - Barricade
02. T E Morris  [UK]  - A Year In The Wilderness
03. Arms and Sleepers [USA] - Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
04. nousinthis [UA] - point of no return
05. Blueneck [UK] - Sirens
06. Endless Melancholy [UA] - Rêverie
07. Lymbyc Systym [USA] - In Transit
08. IMMAGO [UA] – Nora
09. This Cold Normandy [UA] - Escape from the hospice
10. Lights Dim [PL] - Bats
11. Her Name is Calla [UK] - It Was Flood
12. EXXASENS [ESP] - Mass of Pluto 
13. AIMS [UA] - Eye Dea
14. Soouth [UA] - Dachau 
15. Way Station [UA] - The Noise Was Ended Now
16. Short Hair Ideals [UA] - Immersion
17. Stalker VA [UA] - Orion Nebula
18. Blackpaperplanes [BY] - Gaddafi
19. Goodbye Earth [UA] - Mama 
20. Sleeping Bear [UA] - Echelon
21. My Empty Phantom [USA] - Don't Chase the Owl
22. Light Dreams [UA] – Wind 
23. Delay FM [BY] - Air Calibration 
24. ekarasata [UA] - Till We Die 
25. Toundra [ESP] - Cielo Negro (Black Sky)

Description: Dear friends! As some of you might have heard, there's a sort of a revolution currently going on here in Ukraine. Movement that began with the peaceful students’ protests who were supporting Eurointegration in Ukraine (and were brutally dispersed on 30th of November 2013) turned into the national resistance called the Euromaidan. Since that time in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities people are going out to the streets willing to change the situation in Ukraine, moving towards the Eurointegration, fighting corruption, getting rid of arbitrariness of the authorities and dysfunctional judicial system, trying to stop limiting the liberty of speech. However, the authorities responded to the citizens on 16th of January with new laws according which everyone who has taken part in the protests goes in prison. So new 2014 started with new blood and violence. Our country is on the verge of a civil war.

This compilation by Ukrainian label and promo agency AZH, featuring tracks by Blueneck, Her Name is Calla, Arms and Sleepers, Lights Dim, Sleeping Bear, Endless Melancholy and lots of other great artists is an action of solidarity with those, who are fighting for the justice and right to live in the civilized country. This is another way of fighting, indirect, using music as mediator to reach people all around the world, who are still not realizing importance of everything that is happening in Ukraine. Thousands of people need a support, we need a voice.

The money earned on this compilation will be sent to the organizations, which are helping victims of the protests and independent medias who keep doing their job despite intimidation.

Read more/Listen/Support here:
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