Friday, September 30, 2011

Various Artists - Have a Nice Life Covers

Various Artists - Have a Nice Life Covers

Genre: Shoegaze/Drone/Atmospheric
Format: mp3 | VBR (V0)
Size: 74 Mb

01. Sun Devoured Earth - Trespassers W
02. Airs - Woe Unto Us
03. Seth Beiler - I Don’t Love
04. Aceta - Earthmover
05. Wahlheim - Deep, Deep
06. Sun Devoured Earth - Bloodhail
07. Sun Devoured Earth - There Is No Food
08. Airs - Variations on the Theme from Top Gun
09. Mackenzie - I Don’t Love

Description: for those, who know Have a Nice Life band, producing some good drone and shoegaze music, this unofficial tribute album would be very good. First of all because you can rarely meet tribute albums to really underground bands, the second reason will be that this album is really well produced. None of covers can be picked out as inaccurately done or poorly interpreted. Whole album is a solid compilation, that totally describes what Have a Nice Life music is. You can find this compilation using following links:

Links reposted from this blog, if you get interested in the compilation, check its content too.

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