Thursday, August 25, 2011

Raphaël D. Hardy - Everything That Came Into My Mind

 Raphaël D. Hardy - Everything That Came Into My Mind

Genre: Piano/Neoclassical
Format: mp3 | CBR192kbps
Country: France
Size: 26 Mb

01. The House of Candy
02. Enchanted Grassland
03. A Scatterbrained Clown Has Lost His Red Nose
04. Tommy Has Stashed His School Report Under The Couch. Go Figure
05. John & The Seven Dwarfs
 06. Kathy Is Swimming In A Giant Candy Box

Description: an instrumental album from french composer Raphaël D. Hardy is an inspiring trip to the world of touching piano tunes. Gently and carefully produced these melodies create special mood of melancholy and calmness, and the whole album sounds like one long fairytale, which is not actually that long as album's length's only around 16 minutes. A very good and graceful piece of piano music. But the most important notice is that author is not a pianist and creates all his tunes by computer means. Considering this fact, Everything That Came Into My Mind sounds even more delightful. A sample track for checking it out is here:

You can find Raphaël D. Hardy music and download it for free/listen it for free using links below:  | Jamendo | Download

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