Friday, August 19, 2011

The Cunt - Happiness

The Cunt - Happiness

Genre:Ambient/Experimental/Poetry/Spoken Word
Format: mp3 | CBR192kbps  
Country: Ukraine
Size: 109 Mb

Part I - Perfect Happiness
01. Вулиця
02. Дощ
03. Колір Щастя
04. Ліс
05. Пісня 551
06. По дорозі у дощ
07. Подорожній мене запитав
08. Птахи
09. Кінець

Part II - That's pretty much the same thing
01. 01 (перший погляд в небеса)
02. IV
03. 5sm
04. О...
05. 6sm
06. VIII
07. 11 (сонце середини дня)
08. 8sm
09.  09 (народження нового дня)
10. hair IX
11. X
12. XI
13. XIII
14. hair XI
15. VIII.part 2
16.  XVI

Description: Happiness is an album, that appeared from nothing. The aim of it is happiness, even not happiness but its search. Album consists of two parts, Happiness itself (new songs) and That's pretty much the same thing (a compilation of previous works of The Cunt). Album is nervously calm, just on the edge of happiness. The idea of recording it appeared long time ago, but was realized only during the summer of 2010. First attempts of recording were made even in winter during small improvisations with Dmytro Moskalets (poet, musician, culturologist). This was Dmytro who played the piano pieces, which were parts of those improvisations (c).
You can find The Cunt music and download it for free/listen it for free using links below:

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