Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blues for spacegirl - Alice Springs

Blues for spacegirl - Alice Springs

Genre: Ambient/Drone
Format: mp3 | CBR192kbps  
Country: Belgium
Size: 55 Mb

01. Alice Springs
02. Phase incoherence
03. Tethys
04. Glacier spins
 05. Holocene


Some musings by the author:

Inspirations for this album are visions of sped-up geologic activity, prehistoric things lurking in now-gone oceans, and generally the way things tend to gradually change, be it memories or mountains.

ALICE SPRINGS ventures somewhere in the middle between structure and improv. First half starts out as an hommage to Lee Ranaldo’s epic Amarillo Ramp (for Robert Smithson). Initial plan was a similar improvised, all over-the-place guitar freak-out coda, but along the way I figured there’s no point in repeating what’s been done before & better, so now there’s this metalish, somewhat civil end. It works well enough.

TETHYS is my favorite; it evokes the atmosphere of what I imagine is a prehistoric sea long gone. The song’s entirely improvised, instantly shaping itself in my head while I was tweaking the guitars and synth.

HOLOCENE is a pretty cool closer. The main goal for treating the piano with an overdrive+wah was camouflaging my horrible skills. Secondly, I like borderline-noise. Thirdly, it oddly resembles the sound of contemporary plate activity - if you listen closely 

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