Monday, March 16, 2015

Desolate Horizons - We'll Never Fade Away

Desolate Horizons - We'll Never Fade Away

Genre: Ambient/Drone/Shoegaze/Dronegaze
Country: Russian Federation
Label: Hidden Vibes

01.we'll never fade away, pt. I 
02. we were created from the loud sound 
03. as long as there's a light in the sky, i'll be waiting for you 
04. make a wish 
05. embrace me tightly so i could feel you breathe inside me
06. we'll never fade away, pt. II
07. our hearts worked together to bathe the world in an amber light
08. together we feel new life 
09. quietly, so as not to wake the butterfly 
10. we loved each other long before we met... when we were just a lonely dreamers 
11. let's stay here forever, just holding hands and gazing skyward at the radiant amber glow of a slowly dying sun... 
12. we'll never fade away, pt. III 
13. decayed ocean asylum (hana sumai cover) | Bandcamp | Download

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