Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Endless Melancholy - Ambermixes

Endless Melancholy - Ambermixes

Genre: Ambient/Modern Classical/Electronic
Country: International

1. Amber 
2. To These Amber Skies 
3. The Lost Amber (Musicformessier Remix)
4. Amber Maze (Creation VI Remix)
5. Journey to the Cold Amber (Ralax Remix) 
6. As They Hardened In the Sun, They Turned Into Amber (Desolate Horizons Remix)
7. Kept in Amber (Dayin Remix) 
8. Amber Fields (A Model Kit Remix) 
9. The Reflection of Amber Within the Black Sea (SiJ Remix) 
10. Summer in Amber (Scorba Remix) 
11. Amber (Recomposed by Marco Caricola) | Facebook | Bandcamp | Download

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