Monday, October 21, 2013

Linear Bells - For Your Eyes Only

Linear Bells - For Your Eyes Only

Genre: Ambient/Piano/Modern Classical
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: France
Size: 82 Mb
Label: Hidden Vibes

01. It Was Not Christmas But It Looked Like It 
02. Sketch For The Summer
03. 33 Roses
04. Believe Me
05. Softly Killed
06. Open Air
07. Something

Description: David Teboul goes by the moniker Linear Bells. He is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound artist based in Nantes, France. His music is a mix between, vintage instruments, sound manipulations and field recordings, all primarily created with acoustic and analogic instruments. 

Proudly presented by Hidden Vibes, "For Your Eyes Only" was composed and produced over a period of 4 months whereby it was practiced over improvised sessions played outside only (gardens, beaches) and recorded on a reel to reel Ampex system, followed by processing all the materials with the use of cello, piano, guitars and field recordings. 

"For Your Eyes Only" can be seen as a new step in the work of Linear Bells as unlike of his previous works David Teboul tried here to keep his songs as acoustic as it could be, trying not to over process his sounds to keep this wonderful fragility alive and that makes this album a little jewel of intimacy where hidden treasures await you. 

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