Monday, November 5, 2012

So I'm An Islander - Woodwork

So I'm An Islander - Woodwork

Genre: Piano/Ambient/Instrumental
Format: FLAC
Country: Denmark
Size: 148 Mb
Label: Hidden Vibes Netlabel

01. Home of the Wondrous Spirits
02. The Holiday
03. Langs Mæ Æ Fjoe (Along the Fjord)
04. The White Troll and The Dead Tree
05. Cassiopeia's Reflection in the Crystal Clear Lake
06. The Silent Passing of a Thousand Daffodils
07. Follow the River
08. Han Gøe Ollt Fo' o Bliv' Nau (He Tried Everything to Become Something)
09. Rain & Rain
10. Symphony of Raindrops
11. So Beautiful, the Magical Garden
12. Æ Skilt Sum Paje Hjemar (The Sign That Points Home)
13. I'll Return To This Place
14. The Smell of Woodwork (Reprise)

Description: So I’m An Islander is a Danish musical project from Aarhus, Denmark. It consists of one member, Søren Nissen Jørgensen, who is originally from a small town named Augustenborg located on the island of Als, Denmark. So I’m An Islander was founded in May 2011. The atmosphere in So I’m An Islander’s music can be defined as old, simple, organic, experimental, mysterious and warm. Several projects and collaborations have sprung up and constantly developed the idea of merging the instrumental music and the listener’s interpretation of the melodies. The listener makes every song their own unique experience.

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