Thursday, October 4, 2012

Myosotis - Intersection

Myosotis - Intersection

Genre: Ambient
Format: FLAC
Country: The Netherlands
Size: 166 Mb
Label: Hidden Vibes

01. Small Existence 
02. Tidal Dissipation 
03. Waiting For No One
04. Farewell Forever 
05. I'm Sorry 
06. A Fair Judgement 
07. My Escape Into Loneliness 
08. Time To Forget 

Description: Myosotis is an ambient duo from the Netherlands. Amandus and Evert have been making music together for around 3-4 years now, at first solely guitars and piano. As of last year they have started producing ambient music together because of a mutual interest for ambient, which they entitled the Myosotis project. First intentions of a duo were to create "two sides of the same coin", which would include Light as well as Dark ambiences, and to combine the two.

Intersection is a debut release of Myosotis containing eight carefully selected tracks and being a kind of summary of years, that musicians spent working and experimenting in search of their own sound.

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