Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ishtar - Ombre

Ishtar - Ombre

Genre: Neofolk/Ambient/Acoustic
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps 
Country: Italy
Size: 51 Mb

01. Le vele dormienti, mi volgo alle nebbie 
02. Ho preso il cammino del fuoco e bruciavo nel cuore
03. Una voce chiamava il mio nome stanotte 
04. Da vicino, così vicino 
05. Foglie d'oro piovevano sui nuovi dei 

Description: been missing some neofolk on the blog? Today I present you a beautiful one-man project from Italy, Ishtar. Playing keyboards in Adveniat Hiems and LustNotes, Ishtar has been part of the Italian musical scene for more than a decade. This project presents instrumental tracks laying somewhere between the neofolk and neoclassical genres. Music themes are focused on memories, myths and visions, enriched with a touch of melancholy and a strongly personal interpretation. Although the style has its roots in Northern Europe and is heavily influenced by the sounds of bands such as Ulver (in Kveldssanger) and Empyrium, the Italian nature of the project dominates the style, making it unique, unusual and deeply rooted. Highly recommended. | Bandcamp | Download

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