Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hidden Vibes Artists: Performance Overview

 Hidden Vibes Artists: Performance Overview

Meanwhile, all the musicians, whose albums were previously posted on Hidden Vibes continue their artistic life and please us with new releases. Here's the brief overwiew of what's new happening, just in case you missed it.

1) The Landwash of Eternal Tranquillity - Glaring Thoughts. The most recent release, the date is 16 May, 2012. Great collection of mellow piano tunes with atmospheric layers. Do not miss this, if you liked the previous release, The Swallow Fly. Links: | Download

2) EUS, Postdrome & Saåad - Sustained Layers. This album is soon to come, the release date is 28 May, 2012. A collaboration between three great sound experimentalists is very promissing ind intriguing. By now you may check a couple of tracks on a Bandcamp page and pre-order a physical copy! Link: Bandcamp

3) Fog Lake - there's a spirit, there's a soul. You gotta remember Fog Lake for a great ambient album and participation in Hidden Vibes Vol. 4. It is followed by quite a different album, where the direction was changed closer to dream pop.Good record, anyways. Links: | Download

4) Drop Sum - Mergo [EP]. Another acoustic guitar experimentation from Taras Yakobchuk from Ukraine, releasing stuff under a moniker Drop Sum. Now 19 minutes of drones. Links: | Download

5) Rø - æris ep. The continuation of sonic explorations by a spcae ambient project Rø. A short yet interesting EP. Links: | Download

6) Gamardah Fungus - Nuclear Winter. A totally post-apocalyptic soundtrack by Gamardah Fungus from Ukraine, that will show you creepy landscapes of nuclear winter. Haunting! Links: | Download

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