Thursday, March 22, 2012

Various Artists - It's Not Boring, It's Ambient

Various Artists - It's Not Boring, It's Ambient

Genre: Ambient/Electronic/Modern Classical
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: Ukraine/Poland
Size: 243 Mb

It's Not Boring. It's Ambient. CD 1: Ukraine
01. Heinali - Fade (short edit)
02. Anton Baibakov - Music For Stop Motion Camera
03. Endless Melancholy - Secrets Long Forgotten
04. Nikolaienko - Blue Soup №1
05. Stalker VA – Emersion
06. Gamardah Fungus - Another Earth
07. Drawing The Endless Shore - Warm Morning Raindrops
08. Sport & Music - Warm Irony
09. John Bogun – My Universe
10. Short Hair Ideals – Winterbird

It's Not Boring. It's Ambient. CD 2: Poland
01. Emiter – Cedrus
02. Grzegorz Bojanek - Paper Mistakes
03. Lights Dim & Gallery Six - Pebbles In The Sky
04. Pleq - The Early Symptoms Of Schizophrenia
05. Visionary Hours – A Return to Bashō
06. Lump – Dawn
07. Bionulor - DNST.21.5.
08. Łukasz Ciszak - u7
09. Maed, Memhwa & Lapsky - Atak Robotow 
10. Tuul - Some Sign Of Life

Description: It's Not Boring. It's Ambient is a double CD compilation of Ukrainian and Polish ambient artists released as a collaboration between Preserved Sound in Kraków ( and AZH Promo in Kyiv ( The idea for the compilation came in autumn 2011 when the guys at Preserved Sound talked about doing a compilation of Polish ambient artists. After contacting friends at AZH Promo in Kyiv it became clear that they had also been having the same ideas about releasing a compilation of Ukrainian ambient artists. Thus It's Not Boring. It's Ambient was born.

Bringing together some of the best ambient music from around the region, It's Not Boring. It's Ambient aims to cross borders to present an ecletic mix of the genre that has become known as 'ambient'. Artists on the compilation include sound composer Heinali and electronic artist Nikolaienko from Ukraine, as well as improvised music artist Emiter and experimental musician Pleq from Poland, amongst many more.

It's Not Boring. It's Ambient was released at Les Kurbas theatre, Kyiv on 10 February 2012 at an event which Lights Dim, Heinali and Visionary Hours also played. Our aim is to show that music can cross borders where politics fails, and bring together some of these artists from Ukraine and Poland for concerts.

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