Friday, March 16, 2012

edPorth & aiRless pRoject - The Other Side of Chill

edPorth & aiRless pRoject - The Other Side of Chill

Genre: Electronic/Ambient/Downtempo
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: Italy/Macedonia
Size: 112 Mb

01. edPorth - Right Night Light
02. edPorth - Make Room
03. edPorth - Post Love 
04. edPorth - Jammed 
05. edPorth - The Lost Time 
06. aiRless pRoject - drums from beyond 
07. aiRless pRoject - controlled noise bleeding 
08. aiRless pRoject - two sides - same coin 
09. aiRless pRoject - bending handmade glass
10. aiRless pRoject - every waking hour 

Description: a brand new split album from two friendly electronic artists, edPorth and aiRless pRoject, that will bring you to the other side of chill. edPorth is the solo-project by Patrizio Piastra, an italian electronic musician. Music from edPorth blends ambient soundscapes, idm beats and distant dreamy vocals, always designing obsessive melodies and sounds that move between dance loops and electro-ambient backgrounds. A couple of words to say about aiRless pRoject, who has already been featured on Hidden Vibes. His style varies and evolves within his albums, and could be described as ambient-influenced electronica with subtle touches of IDM, downtempo/chillout, abstract, glitch, post-rock and experimental.

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