Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Second Thought & Noisesurfer - Oncoming Storm

Second Thought & Noisesurfer - Oncoming Storm

 Genre: Drone/Ambient/Experimental
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: UK/Spain
Size: 128 Mb

01. Second Thought - LZT Leads to Melt the Room
02. Second Thought - RECAB-A. Exception
03. Maelstrom
04. Noisesurfer - Dark Starlight
05. Noisesurfer - Passengers (Ryders on the Storm)
06. Noisesurfer - Report of the Dark Time
07. Noisesurfer - After The Storm
08. Noisesurfer - Ground Away
09. Noisesurfer - Underwater

Description: A hypnotic split by two sound experimentalists from UK and Spain. Second Thought is the musical voice and brainchild of Ross Baker from the United Kingdom, who I spends much of his spare time recording music, and occasionally dabble at writing and taking photos. Started in 1999, his musical project Second Thought has released a series of albums and EPs soundtracking various places, which were noted for their use of piano and field recordings.Noisesurfer is a Spanish musical outfit of of Joachim Rontexlius. Started as an industrial, drum'n'bass project, now he works in other environments: more experimental, more noise and shoegaze, but always with spiritual and transcendent love for music.
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