Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hidden Vibes Artists: Performance Overview

Hidden Vibes Artists: Performance Overview

So, the New Year has come. It's quite a time to see, what happened to Hidden Vibes artists discographies, since they got posted on the blog. A brief overview with just a couple of words for each album:

1) fydhws / aiRless pRoject Split. Five experimental tracks from friendly Macedonian music projects, both previously posted on Hidden Vibes. Links: | Download

2) mobdividual - the first three. mobdividual has gathered his three previous EPs into one release. Here you can find them as full tracks, not split into small pieces. Links: | Stream

3) EUS - Aire. A one-track release that had been born as an outtake from the latest full-length, Vhinto No Dresce. Originally it was supposed to be a part of it, but wasn't included. Reworked after, it was released as a single. Links: | Download

4) Lattice - Self Inside. Lattice latest works, ambient at its best, as usual. Links: | Download

5) Creation VI - Svitanok. Creation VI released a new EP, that consists of one drone ambient track with ethnic and psychedelic notes. Links: | Download

6) Golden Gardens - The Covers. Released on December, 6th, 6 dreamgaze covers of well-known songs. Great collection. Links: | Download

7) Living Arches/Golden Gardens Split. Golden Gardens have been very productive and also made a wonderful split album with Living Arches, with two brand new tracks, presented on it. One of these tracks has also been featured on Hidden Vibes Vol. 3 compilation later. Links: | Stream

 8) Mealann - Das Ritual. A single by Mealann, now exploring the world of ritual ambient. Links: | Download

9) Annorkoth - Annorkoth. A solid self-titled work from depressive black metal project, Annorkoth, this time containing more than an hour of atmospheric black metal. Links: | Download

10) Lullabies Under A Grey Sky - Autumn. A EP of four ambient tracks, dedicated to autumnal landscapes. Links: | Download

11) Echo Gardens - Purple. A splendid LP from Ukrainian band Echo Gardens, quite a nice present for New Year. Again lots of genres mixed there: folk, indie and dream pop notes can be easily heard. Links: | Stream

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