Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Veil Of Water

A Veil Of Water

Genre: Piano/Post-Rock/Neoclassical
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: Norway

Size: 38 Mb

01. Stepping Stones
02. Echoes
03. Estrela
04. Nostalgia

Description: A Veil Of Water is a one-man project, started up somewhere in the deep valleys of Norway in 2011.By now only four tracks recorded, but four very good and enjoyable tracks. Careful authors attitude to each melody makes you wanna listen to them over again. Mostly the music revolves around a single piano, though tracks Nostalgia and Stepping Stones include beautiful e-bowed guitar solos, I hope I defined that right, which makes songs sound closer to post-rock. That's why this music will be good for both lovers of piano instrumental and post-rock. You can find A Veil Of Water music and download it for free/listen it for free, using links below:

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