Monday, November 7, 2011

Various Artists - IN_OUT (Vol.1)

Various Artists - IN_OUT (Vol.1)

Genre: Ambient/Drone/Experimental
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Size:  217 Mb

01. Byōki no nō - Nothingless
02. Evtumia - Tears of Void
03. Gamardah Fungus - Kiev Underground
04. NulluS - The Iron-Eyed Man
05. Bonehoard - Monastery

01. Byōki no nō - Depressed
02. Whistler - In Gez
03. MushroomWavved Collar - Smashing Cough In A Dark Room
04. VadimFehrey - Abyss And Flame
05. From Silence of Mars - Wastelands of Other Dimensions
06. [dying:dust] - Sleeping Ethernia

Description: IN_OUT is a brand new compilation from Deadhouse Netlabel, including artists, who make ambient, drone and experimental noise. Recorded during the summer of 2011, it contains material of musicians from Russia and neighbouring countries.
From the very beginning, IN affects you with a special misterious atmosphere of its opening track. It is followed by two guitar based passages, Tears of Void, sounding closer to the classic drone doom compositions, and Kiev Underground, a track of Gamardah Fungus who have already been posted on Hidden Vibes before, offering you a wide flow of sound, very haunting. After becoming completely hypnotized, you are being thrown into the abyss of NulluS dark heavy sound, way more raw than previous tracks, but still impressive. Finally, after listening the closer of the first part of a compilation the conclusion can be made - especially good for lovers of drone and doom music with the involvement of live instruments.
Depressed, the opening track for the OUT part is represented by the same artist who started the IN part, Byōki no nō, yet the sound is completely different and prepares you to hearing the experimental part of the tracklist. A very wide range of sound, seems like artists have made a deal not to repeat each other in their avant-garde experiments. Pretty much outstanding are Abyss and Flame, structured composition with tons of atmospheres, and Sleeping Ethernia, a noisy and scizophrenic outroduction of this exciting trip. The conclusion of OUT is - good for lovers of sonic experentalism, and unusual ways of creating music. 
The general verdict for the compilation is its total worthiness of being downloaded to widen your musical horizons. Enjoy using following links:

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