Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Golden Gardens - Between the Siren and the Amulet

Golden Gardens - Between the Siren and the Amulet

Genre: Shoegaze/Dream Pop/Ambient
Country: USA

01. Peisinoë
02. The Empress
03. The Golden Dawn
04. Anthemusa
05. Ghostwood
06. Little Birds
07.  Shimmerine
 08. Amethyst
09. Three Jewels
10. Night Never Ends
11. Cimaruta
12. The Death of Lovers
Description: Golden Gardens is the duo located in the city of Utopia and producing dreamscapes and anthems for magical minds. At least this is what their official Facebook page say. In fact this is a music duo that recently released their first longplay just in vein of their first Somnambulist EP. According to the words of musicians themselves, their music takes influences from music boxes and icicles; raindrops against a window pane; books being opened and closed at the library; submerging oneself in the bathtub; dry leaves being crushed underfoot; grey skies; summery fields; crashing waves and puddles in the forest. And the whole bunch of various artists, such as Slowdive, Cranes, Akira Yamaoka, Bohren And Der Club of Gore, Massive Attack, Portishead, Bauhaus, My Bloody Valentine and a lot of others.
Between the Siren and the Amulet is an album of perfectly produced warm shoegaze music. Starting with a droning ambient introduction, this album presents dreamy guitar based music and even more dreamy and gentle female vocals, that fill you with the atmosphere of complete calmness. Delayed and hazy guitars make songs sound totally soundscapic, ambient. And admitting the crystal beauty of singer's vocals again. A perfect piece of music for dreamers. A link to official videoclip to Ghostwood song from new album:

You can find Golden Gardens music and listen it for free using links below:

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