Wednesday, July 13, 2011

EUS - Tras El Horizonte

EUS - Tras El Horizonte

Genre: Ambient/Drone/Experimental
Format: mp3 | VBR (V0)
Country: Costa Rica
Size: 95 Mb

Description: Perfectly done ambient sounds from Costa Rica. EUS is a one man project taking beginning in 2008. According to the authors words, EUS’ philosophy is to make each album different from its other ones, but always in an Ambient style, trying and experimenting with different techniques for the recording process. This work is a great sonic adventure into the world of atmospheric ambient and warm drones, and that is pretty much it. Should be good for lovers of atmospheric and hypnotizing sounds. Totally worthy to at least give a listen. You can find EUS music and download it for free/listen it for free using links below:

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