Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Doug Sharp - Boogafoo Music

 Doug Sharp - Boogafoo Music

Genre: Noise/Avant-Garde/Experimental
Format: mp3 | VBR (V0) 
Country: USA
Size: 96 Mb

01. Snus Attack
02. Veluria Ponsonby's Epiphany
03. Wasp Train
04. Gondwanaland
05. Opus #Glork, Move 2
06. My, My
07. Schveltronia Bimmsler Exudes
08. Zamthrusters Rampant
09. Peodopular Fip Fip (Boogafoo Preview Edition)

Description: while Led Zeppelin were announcing their new label, while 200,000 music fans were attending The California Jam rock festival, while Queen were playing their first North American concert, while AC/DC were performing their first official show with Bon Scott as their new lead singer, back in 1974 Doug Sharp was commiting his crimes against music. A small story by himself will say more than any other words:

In 1974 while I attended St. Olaf’s Paracollege, my best friend Larry Heyl ran the Moog Studio. He taught me how to plug patch cords and fiddle knobs to wring squawks out of the Moog Modular Synthesizer. I was earning a hand-rolled degree in Creative Studies so I added torturing the Moog to my curriculum.

Moog Modular Synthesizer like the one in the St. Olaf Moog Studio

To me the Moog was a machine for making weird noises so I pushed it into uncharted territories of sonic strangeness. I didn’t emulate any musician but indulged in pure sonic experimentation. I taped a handful of tracks and called my album “Babie’s[sic] First Words” Twenty years later my daughter renamed it “Boogafoo Music”, which stuck.

Left: Doug Sharp in ’74 Right: I carried around this 2nd-gen tape for years before digitizing it. No charge for the tape hiss.

So basically this album is a collection of moog tunes, noises or whatever-you-call-it tracks, recorded and carried through years on tape and digitalized after. Notice: this is the weirdest stuff ever been published on this blog and I don't think ever will be again, so catch it right now. Notice number two: 1974. Available at:

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  1. Thanks for posting my weird music! I hope it doesn't drive people away from your blog!


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