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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

fydhws & bc_ranger & Gravity's End - Split

fydhws & bc_ranger & Gravity's End - Split

Genre: Dark Ambient/Post-Rock/Atmospheric
Format: mp3 | VBR (V0)
 Country: Macedonia/Ukraine/Germany
Size: 61 Mb

01. fydhws - Три Дела
02. fydhws - Стакла
03. fydhws - Амб
04. bc_ranger - such a warm, such a late autumn
05. bc_ranger - an interlude to happiness
06. bc_ranger - happiness
07. bc_ranger - all that you love will be carried away
08. Gravity's End - Thanatos
09. Gravity's End - Orion

Description: As long as shameless self-promotion is still considered to be extremely lame, I won't make an effort of reviewing this one. I'll just re-post a wonderful review of Recent Music Heroes on this self-released stuff.

This is a split album compiled of tracks by 3 talented artists. fydhws is a musician from Macedonia who used to develop one of the most intricate post-rock soundscapes worldwide at the moment. This might be described as an instance of instrumental rock music made up through the methodology based on sound art/sound modulation. On the other side, bc_ ranger (from Ukraine) and Gravity End`s (from Germany) play up more established yet excellent riff based epic rock sound borrowing from the realms of metal, musique concrète, and spoken word. However, all of those rich textures and majestic vibes are fulfilled with lots of good memories and endless melancholy. Beautiful. (original post here)

You can find this music using links below:

Monday, July 18, 2011

Uranus Explodes & Gravity's End - Bound to Wither

Uranus Explodes & Gravity's End - Bound to Wither

Genre: Post-Rock/Ambient/Instrumental/Metal
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: Germany
Genre: 61 Mb

01. Gravity's End - Blooming Trees
02. Gravity's End - On the Wings of a Dove
03. Gravity's End - Bound to Wither
04. Uranus Explodes - Stille Nacht v2
05. Uranus Explodes - Rotten Heart
06. Uranus Explodes - Xenolith

Description: a split album from two artists from Germany. Gravity's End is representing three tracks of instrumental atmospheric music taking influences from various artists, including God Is An Astronaut. Songs are created with use of different electronic instruments, synth pads and piano sounds, they perfectly fit together and create atmospheric dark, sometimes melancholic mood. First track from Uranus Explodes continues the direction Gravity's End piano-based post-rock, but next two are totally different pieces of music with definite influence of black metal. Well composed and greatly played these tracks would be perfect for metal listeners. Totally worthy to at least give it a listen. You can find Gravity's End and Uranus Explodes music and download it for free/listen it for free using links below:

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